Patrick Sitkins

Patrick Sitkins is an authentic person who advises his clients with a mix of maturity and personality. As someone who has sat on both on the client and consultant side of marketing, he is able to pull from his experiences in complex B2B settings to offer strategic advice to help build brand assets, manage reputations and win big with digital marketing.

After leaving a prior position as Partner & VP of an international consulting firm, Patrick founded, built and successfully exiting a “Top 25 Fastest Growing Marketing & Advertising Firm in the United States”. In 2014, he once again founded a digital marketing firm which has grown into Unrivaled Enterprises/Adaptive. Adaptive’s book of business is comprised of 60% insurance clients – companies, independent agencies/brokerages, M&A firms, and insurance consultants.

Patrick has been featured in Rough Notes Magazine, Expert Marketing Magazine, IBM,, Chelsea Krost and more. He has also presented keynotes and breakouts at industry events like Inbound Marketing Week, NetVu, InCite Performance Group’s “Extreme Networking”, as well as other corporate retreats.

• Founder of Adaptive
• Managing Partner, Unrivaled Enterprises
• Co-author of Brand Aid [Penguin Random House Press]
• Repeat Entrepreneur

• Husband & Dad
• Triathlete, Ocean Addict, Craft Beer Connoisseur
• Native Floridian now taking in the altitude and mountain views in Central VA

Patrick Sitkins

Managing Partner

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Laid back yet savvy, Patrick is a consummate gentleman who fluently speaks the language of social networking and eagerly embraces the daunting array of challenges posed by communicating in a wired – and wireless – world.Elisabeth Boone
CPCU, Senior Features Editor, Rough Notes Company