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You may already know us, were referred to us, or typed “Jacksonville Beach Marketing Agency” into your browser. However you got here, we are glad you are here.

So, how can we help you? We aren’t sure yet, and you probably don’t know either. No problem! Keep scrolling down so we can see what resonates with you. First, allow us to tell you a story.

It belongs on the internet

There is a great story and a longer tagline here, but you will have to ask us about that offline.

The gist of it… Like all of our clients, you do great work. Your clients love you, and you wish you had more of them.

The best way for people to know about your business and become a client is for them to see you online – i.e. It Belongs on the Internet.

What if your biggest issue as an owner was finding people to service the new business we were generating together?

It happens. One of our pool clients went from zero online leads since their inception in the ’70s (no, the internet wasn’t a thing then, but you get the point) to $12.7 Million in new opportunities in a ten-month period! We have them so busy responding to new leads that they are looking to hire new employees just to cover the work.

If you like WINNING – we’re talking about competition-crushing, growth fueling, and remarkable & trackable results then we might be a perfect fit for you.

Our Story

Adaptive Jax is an innovative and dynamic marketing agency based in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, FL. We specialize in serving mid to large-sized clients across the United States and Canada, delivering exceptional results that drive business growth. Founded in 2014 by Pat Sitkins, a visionary serial entrepreneur, our agency was born out of a desire to create the kind of agency that Pat wished he had worked with in his previous ventures.

At Adaptive Jax, we are not just another digital marketing firm; we are a team of passionate experts who put client success above everything else. Our comprehensive consulting services and tailored full-stack agency work are specifically designed to enhance our clients’ Enterprise Value, helping them stay ahead of the competition. We firmly believe that client ROI should be at the core of every decision we make, which is why our proven process starts with a detailed Marketing Plan & Road Map, customized to meet each client’s unique needs. We kickstart the journey with a short-term, quick-wins arrangement that allows us to showcase our value and build trust. 

What sets us apart from other agencies is our commitment to earning our clients’ trust and confidence month after month. That’s why we provide flexible month-to-month contracts, ensuring that we always have “skin in the game” and remain motivated to deliver exceptional value. In fact, we have loyal clients who have been on a month-to-month retainer with us since day one!

While we are proud to have been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Fastest-Growing Marketing Advertising Agencies in the U.S.” (#24), what truly distinguishes us is the personal touch we maintain with our clients throughout their journey. We believe in unlocking the full potential of our clients’ brands, and we invite you to experience the Adaptive Jax difference. Let us help you drive your brand towards unprecedented success.

About Adaptive Jax

Founded in 2014

About Adaptive Jax

$41M Generated annually for clients

About Adaptive Jax

Previously named a Top 100 Fastest Growing Marketing & Advertising Agency in the U.S. (#24)

About Adaptive Jax

Month-to-month Contracts

About Adaptive Jax

ROI-centered strategy

About Adaptive Jax

Executive-level advising

About Adaptive Jax

Competition-crushing results; Winning!

What to expect

Working with Adaptive Jax means working directly with our leadership team. You won’t be sold a dream in working with us only to be passed down to inexperienced staff. Leadership, including our Founder, are with you every step of the way.  

Once you have gone through the Analysis and Planning services, we will work together to determine the right Agency relationship. This may be us walking alongside you, or taking on greater responsibility in carrying you with our “done-for-you” services.

Your future Team

Pat Sitkins

Pat Sitkins

CEO & Executive Producer

"The Wizard" and our Founder


Alexis Leis

Alexis Leis

Director of Operations

"Salt" Potts


Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter

Executive Director

Lazer & Batman. We call him "KP"


Jacob Pace

Jacob Pace

Director of Digital Advertising

"Mad Scientist"


Caitlin Bjornstad

Caitlin Bjornstad

Account Manager

"Czar of Stoke"


John Smulo

John Smulo

Web & Technology Manager

Who we work with

At Adaptive Jax, we are more than just a marketing agency. We are growth partners for mid to large-size companies, propelling them toward success with our proven strategies. Since 2014, we have collaborated with a diverse range of businesses across many industries, markets, and stages of growth. We understand that remarkable results are achieved by those who possess certain unique characteristics, and we seek out clients who embody these qualities.

We value your time as much as ours, which is why we believe in finding the perfect fit for our partnerships. 

In other words, from our experience, when is the probability of success almost guaranteed? Here are some common charateristics: 

About Adaptive Jax


Shares similar values and operates with mutual respect. Has leaders we like and want to spend time with.

About Adaptive Jax


Whether it’s a global organization or a startup, does the company & its founders have a good reputation in the marketplace? We are looking for great companies, run by great people, who are ready to take their business to the next level.

About Adaptive Jax


An organization that values experience and advice, the same way they want their clients to value them. This is how speed of implementation occurs.

About Adaptive Jax


Has the budget, team, and other resources available to do what needs to be done, and handle the influx of new leads.

About Adaptive Jax

A great product or service

We can deploy every marketing strategy availabile but if your product &/or sales aren’t creating value for consumers then there is not much we can do to help you.

In their words

“In order to attract our ideal clients, our brand has to be on par with some of the largest firms in the Country. Adaptive has created a best-in-class brand and marketing strategy that has positioned Cogent in a category of one.”

Shawn Spencer

CEO, Cogent℠ Advisors

Adaptive was brought on by our team at the start of the year. We have a small marketing team and Pat is seen as an extension of our team. We have such a collaborative relationship and the insight that has been provided is just what we have needed to reach a number of inbound leads we have never met before. Each meeting that takes place spurs additional innovation. If you are looking to strengthen your company's web presence, you can't go wrong with Adaptive.

Mark Hannah

VP Sales and Marketing, Moffitt Corporation

“The success of our partnership with Adaptive boils down to two items 1) Return on time 2) Return on Investment. The amount of time that is saved due to our bandwidth and experience is almost immeasurable. The return on investment is multiples more when partnering with the right marketing (not sales) firm. When you find a firm, like Adaptive that has both an expansive breadth and depth, you can market at levels multiple times greater than you could on your own.”

Shaun Murphy

President, Pablo Beach Insurance

Adaptive generates leads multiple times per day for us across all product lines. The ROI on our investment is outstanding.

Scot Shewey

Owner/Operator, SurfSide Pools

“Most practical and real advice on digital marketing I have heard.”

Larry G Linne

CEO, InCite Performance Group

Pat and his team have provided exceptional timely services for our business since 2011!

Casey Clementz

Director of Client Relations & Retirement Plans, Brower Financial Group

Working with Pat and the team at Adaptive has always been a highlight. As I develop my business as a professional athlete, their insight and work on everything from website to social media has been so valuable. I definitely recommend them!

Alyssa Godesky

Professional Triathlete

Bringing brands to life

As the kids say these days, this one “aged well”.

We worked with Pablo Beach Insurance Group a few years ago to write and produce a long-form “commercial” for social media and web applications. We wanted to tell their story in a non-traditional way in order to differentiate them in their local market. This is still one of the most fun projects we have ever workes on, and it has certainly gotten them noticed.

“This is one of the BEST and FUNNIEST ‘local commercials’ I’ve ever watched  – Mark R via Facebook

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