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Our Founder

Pat Sitkins

Pat Sitkins is the Founder of Adaptive Jax and an increaser of enterprise value for mid-to-large businesses. As someone who has sat on both the client and consultant side of marketing, he is able to pull from his experiences in complex B2B settings to offer strategic advice to help build brands, manage reputations and win big with digital marketing.

Repeat Entrepreneur

In addition to founding Adaptive and quickly growing it into a Top 100 Fastest-Growing Marketing & Advertising Company in the U.S. (#24), Pat has also been a part of the leadership team and served as a Board Member with several other companies. Currently, he is also:


Co-Author of “Brand Aid – Controlling Your Reputation Before Everyone Else Does” & Author of “The Two Types of People in This World” (2023 release date)

Jax Backers

Member of the Jacksonville University Athletic Director Advisory Council and Host of “Dolphin Tales” (JU Athletics Alumni Show).

Managing Partner

Intellectual Innovations, an international intellectual property, training, and coaching company

Pat Sitkins’ Books

"The Two Types of People In This World"

Coming in 2023!

The premise of Pat’s new project is to get unique perspectives from Top CEOs, Professional Athletes & Olympians, Military Leaders, Best-Selling Authors, and more to gain insight into their experiences to answer a simple question, “The are two types of people in this world – what are they?” The goal is to provide inspiration, insight, value, motivation, and entertainment for a very wide audience.

With over 25 contributors, this book is going to have you asking big questions about how you view the world around you.

Brand Aid

Hands-on strategies for creating and protecting your personal brand (yes, you have one)

Think branding is just for large corporations, marketing directors, and cows? Think again. Each one of us has a brand – a personal brand, how others see us – which is shaped by what we do, say, write, and otherwise present ourselves to others.

We can’t fully control how others see us (smart, capable, compassionate, creative, fair). But many of us don’t even try. That is, we don’t take a moment to think about how we WANT to be perceived, and then take a few simple steps to bolster that impression with purposeful action.

This isn’t a book about manipulating others, putting on airs, or saying things you don’t really mean. It IS about using our words and actions mindfully, whether they take place in a conference room, PTA meeting, dinner party, Facebook comment thread, or anywhere else.

Using clear examples from businesses, families, and more, this straightforward guide presents essential advice for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s competitive and interconnected world.

Advanced Praise for the Upcoming Book

We all exist on a spectrum. The beauty of life is that we are a complex messy interplay of contradictions – sometimes confident, sometimes self-doubting, imbued with willpower, and at others struggling to commit to a pursuit/habit, extroverted, but sometimes needing our own space for energy and reconnection. This book dives deep into humanity at its core.

Chrissie Wellington

4x Ironman World Champion & Ironman Hall of Fame


What a profound concept.

Terry L. Fossum

Best-Selling Author, American businessperson and philanthropist. He is best known as the winner of the Fox reality television series Kicking and Screaming.

About Pat

Pat Sitkins is a Marketing Executive, Best-Selling Author, and Entrepreneur.

He has been featured in Rough Notes Magazine, Expert Marketing Magazine, IBM, Reputation.com, Zywave, Business2Community, Chelsea Krost, and more. He has also presented keynotes and breakouts at industry events like Inbound Marketing Week, NetVu, InCite Performance Group’s “Ignite”, as well as other corporate retreats.

His clients have included HP, Dreamworks, Ironman, Jacksonville University, Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis, Stonewall Solutions, and several Top 100 Insurance Agencies in the U.S. as well as National Insurance Companies.



  • Husband & Father to 3 children
  • Ironman Finisher
  • Multiple Ultramarathon Finishes
  • Ocean, beach, and outdoor enthusiast
  • Former DI Pitcher & Co-Captain, Jacksonville University Baseball
  • B.S. Marketing from Jacksonville University
  • Native Floridian

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