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Founder, Adaptive

Pat Sitkins is the Founder of Adaptive Jax and an increaser of enterprise value for mid-to-large businesses. As someone who has sat on both the client and consultant side of marketing, he is able to pull from his experiences in complex B2B settings to offer strategic advice to help build brand assets, manage reputations and win big with digital marketing.

Pat Sitkins, Adaptive


Repeat Entrepreneur

In addition to founding Adaptive in 2011 and quickly growing it into a Top 100 Fastest-Growing Marketing & Advertising Company in the U.S. (#24), Pat has also been a part of the leadership team and served as a Board Member with several other companies. Currently, he is also:

Co-Founder & CMO, Cogent Advisors

– Managing Director, Intellectual Innovations

Two Types of People in This World

Upcoming Book

The premise of Pat’s new project is to get unique perspectives from Top CEOs, Professional Athletes & Olympians, Military Leaders, Best-Selling Authors, and more to gain insight into their experiences to answer a simple question, “The are two types of people in this world – what are they?” The goal is to provide inspiration, insight, value, motivation, and entertainment for a very wide audience.

With over 20 contributors, this book is going to have you asking big questions about how you view the world around you.


Ultra Endurance Athlete

When he’s not in the office, Pat is out running, swimming, or riding all the miles” around The Beaches, and elsewhere. It’s pretty common for him to schedule a “business meeting” with clients on the road, trail or water.

He has completed several ultra marathons and an Ironman. His most recent event was the Forgotten Florida 45-mile Ultra Trail Race in Tosohatche, FL.

A bit more…

After exiting a prior position as Partner & VP of an international consulting firm, Pat Sitkins founded and built a “Top 100 Fastest-Growing Marketing & Advertising Firm in the United States” (#24). Pat leans on his experience and passions to build the Adaptive Jax book of business.

Our Niches

Pool Companies

– Professional Services Firms:

  • Insurance Agencies & Companies, M&A firms, and Insurance Consultants
  • Financial Planners
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Real Estate

– Consulting Firms & Best-Selling Authors

– Universities

– Professional & Endurance Athletes

– Outdoor & Adventure Companies

Featured On

Pat Sitkins has been featured in Rough Notes Magazine, Expert Marketing Magazine, IBM, Reputation.com, Zywave, Business2Community, Chelsea Krost, and more. He has also presented keynotes and breakouts at industry events like Inbound Marketing Week, NetVu, InCite Performance Group’s “Extreme Networking”, as well as other corporate retreats.


  • Founder & CEO of Adaptive Jax
  • Co-Founder & CMO, Cogent℠ Advisors
  • Partner of Intellectual Innovations
  • Co-author of Brand Aid [Penguin Random House Press]
  • Repeat Entrepreneur


  • Husband & Father to 3 children
  • Ultra Endurance Athlete
  • Ocean, beach, and outdoor enthusiast
  • Former Co-Captain, Jacksonville University Baseball
  • B.S. Marketing from Jacksonville University
  • Native Floridian