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There’s an old baseball saying, “You can’t fix a $1 swing with a $500 bat”.

That’s what we are going to talk about today. Hopefully, bring that into the marketing realm.

There are a lot of tools out there, like the $500 bat, that most businesses are using or at least considering using. Things like a good website, social media, paid advertising, email marketing, even maybe sponsoring local events and organizations, and yes, even video. All of those work. Even traditional media like print, radio, and, television have relevance today.

That Won’t Work for My Business

We get pushback here at Adaptive with clients who we are talking to, or potential clients, where they say ”Well that won’t work for my business” or “That doesn’t work in my marketplace” or even worse, They say, “oh we spent $100 on Facebook ads or boosted something once and didn’t work, so we don’t do that anymore”. The reality is all these tools DO work. So ask yourself, is it the tool that you’re using, or is it the player?

Tools Don’t Make the Player

I used this analogy once in a keynote about Charles Barkley. He is notoriously a terrible golfer. I’m sure Charles Barkley has all the greatest tools – the best clubs, the best gloves, shoes, probably the best coaches out there helping him, and he probably spends hours working on it and at the end of the day, as he would say, he’s just “turrible”. So, is it the clubs that are making him a bad player, or is he just a bad player?

If your marketing isn’t working today and you’ve tried a lot of different things, ask yourself

A) is it your company or the products that you’re offering and are those the things that you need to work on?

B) Is it the players implementing the tools?

C) Is that the tools that you’re using?

Most of the stuff out here does work if implemented correctly so Food For Thought.