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Recently, Pat was a guest on “The Horse’s Mouth” with Tom McManus.

The Horse’s Mouth

The Horse’s Mouth is a “cool, unique talk show where guests belly up to the bar to discuss business, marketing, and life. No gossip, no hearsay, no BS, just the straight-up truth, right from the source.”

In a recent episode, Tom spoke with Pat Sitkins from Adaptive Jax, Mike White and Joe Stelma from BluHorn, Lonnie Marts III from LonniellV, and Andy Nauman from Ameri-Force.

How important is social media for your company?

At Adaptive, we certainly focus a lot of our efforts with our clients on social media. It’s a fine line with them because the audience has to be right. We don’t want to just do things just to do it. You need to make sure you are reaching the right audience with whatever platform you use.


Click here for the link to the episode