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Video Marketing in 2020

Here we go, the first official Adaptive video of the new year and the first video that I’m personally recording in a very long time. Not something that I’m proud to say, and certainly a streak that I intend on breaking here in 2020.

So, the intent of this video series is to introduce you to more about Adaptive and give you ideas and some inspiration of things that you can use not only for your personal brand but also for your business. And the first thing I wanted to do today in this first video is not necessarily teach you or try to convince you about the value of video marketing. I feel like if you’re watching this you already understand the value in it and you don’t need to be convinced. My guess is you’re just looking for some ideas and things that you can try to do for yourself. So what I’m going to do is down below, in the comments and description, is provide a few links to client videos that we did at the end of last year and into this year. Different variety of applications and different lengths of videos. So things as easy as a one-off vlog type video like I’m doing today. Although we have, too, a full production in partnership with Jacksonville University that we did for our clients Pablo Beach Insurance. It was a full commercial for social media. So you’ll see different types of videos and hopefully you can take some ideas and hopefully replicate them and start your year off with new marketing ideas.

Taking our own advice

What I hope to do with these videos is share some of my experience, both the good and the bad, over my last 15 years, both in the consulting arena, as well as running businesses, and specifically here at Adaptive. Get some conversations going, tee up some ideas, and help people learn about what’s going on, both here locally as well as across the country and internationally. It’s a rapidly changing world and I feel like putting videos out like this can really tee up some conversations and get some great conversations going.

So, I look forward to making connections and continuing to put out ideas and inspiration that we can all learn and share together. So thanks for tuning in, and I’ll talk to you next time.

Great Video Content Examples

As promised, here are some great recent video examples we have helped our clients produce.

Pablo Beach Insurance Group http://bit.ly/2q7ypnT

Jacksonville Beach Golf Association http://bit.ly/38O0Qrx

Hummel Group Insurance & Wealth Management http://bit.ly/2t7mN5w