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We are very excited to announce that Pat Sitkins will be hosting a new show for Jacksonville University Athletics!

Dolphin Tales will highlight JU Alumni to discuss their time at the University and where they are today.

“Dolphin Tales” Evolution

While the world starts to emerge from its hibernation, we too want to move forward with our messaging and specifically this podcast. Initially built to give us all a sense of community amidst a trying time that literally affected every single one of us in one way or another, I hope that those of you that have listened to one episode or all 10 have managed to rally around it at least somewhat.

Starting today, this podcast will live on, as just the Dolphin Tales Podcast, no longer featuring the “Life During the Lockdown” addendum. Jacksonville University is looking forward, so we want to as well. There is so much hope, so much potential for this great university in the weeks, months and years ahead, so let’s focus on that. There will still be conversations with coaches, student-athletes and administrators, but the focus is going to be on growth and forward thinking. And starting this week, JU alum Pat Sitkins joins me as a guest-host to introduce stories of fellow alums, who have gone on to do great things all over the world, all fueled by their time on the oak-shrouded Arlington campus on the banks of the St. Johns River.

Full Interview Below